Oh, Thank Goodness!

Wrapping things up after a holiday weekend finds us in more familiar territory…


…a quick cut to New York offices of Woods and Wildlife Magazine…


… with Editor Bill Ellis talking to himself…  Why? because he is the only one remaining on the payroll as the world of print magazines continues to shrink.  And apparently Woods and Wildlife needs to start competing with the Weekly World News for readership… Yeti vs. Bat Boy?!


And why was Mark “expecting” a call?  Because it’s the only way we can move this slug of a strip forward, and onto the next “Adventure…”

When you are right, you’re right. And you are right!

Good gravy… should I create a new category called “Rusty Reads?


It used to be that these turnarounds in Lost Forest consisted of a little slap and tickle, a phone call, and Mark would be off again on another assignment…  Now we are subjected to the not so terribly interesting lives of Mark and Cherry, featuring opinions and public service messages…

Uhhh… James…?

Not only is this a waste of ink and time…


…but I swear we have been here before…


…Mark whining about online trolling… Hopefully Cherry sees the voodoo warrior doll off camera, and while Mark continues to prattle on about his hurt feelings (wait… he has them now?  Oh that’s right- just for himself…) The little guy pops out and spears him in the buttocks!


Struck a nerve, have we?


“Comments?”  “Rusty reads the Comments?”  Mark sits up straight as an arrow, the Primitive Trailian brain kicks in, all fight or flight…


Awww… Mopey Mark… are people making fun of you on line?  Just wait ’til that Raven swoops down and plucks out your eyeball!  Then you will know pain!  The pain we all feel day to day and we wend our way through you world…

Yee haw?

I have to wonder, along with how Mark keeps so clean-shaven, is who keeps the Lost Forest grounds so tidy?  Is there an army of gnomes that pops out of the woods and cuts and trims and makes sure that all the stones lining the drives are in place?  Must be.  It’s an otherwise magical place, so I would suggest that as a highly probable explanation.


And is there a happier place on the planet than Lost Forest?  Andy bears witness to the joy as he canters along-side Mark and Cherry… Dogs are a great barometer of the mood they are surrounded by…  and Andy is beaming!