I guess it was David Hasselhoff…

But then he got the red to black brick ratio backwards… KITT was black with red accents… Unless we are referring to the Knight 4000 (admittedly I’m  not up on my Knight Rider Lore…)


But back to team building:


Oh, Dirty, always the wag…

Fair use?

Is it OK for the term “Legos” to be used so freely in reference to “building blocks?”  Like “Kleenex” instead of “Facial Tissue?”


And are we to recall the famous Rock Star/Diva David Lee Roth who insisted that M&Ms be made available backstage, but with all the brown ones removed?

OK, I’ll bite…

First off, this isn’t even a very good joke.  The is a distinction being made: “That job” (referring obviously to the occupation of forger, which was forsaken) vs. “This Job” (The one you have- of being a Cabana Boy/ General Gopher and Factotum) is what today’s punch line hinges upon, and in my opinion, doesn’t make any sense…


But what car in what show was red with black accents? (reference: 500,000 red and 100,000 black building blocks…)


I guess Tom Selleck was a little more eccentric than we thought?

The Crew Forms…

Have to admit that I have never witnessed criminals sizing each other up and sharing their bona-fides…


So what you are saying, Smith, is that you are a curator of fine nature magazines?  That in your spare hours between killings, you enjoy reading old tales of defeated poaching and winning environmental causes?

Smuggler and a tracker?  Really Chris?  Your one attempt at smuggling got you killed, and remind me what you have tracked in your life??


Enter the cabana boy… Now we have a regular “A-Team!”

OK, I have to say it…  the first panel above breaks a cardinal rule… nipples!  I mean, really?  Put a shirt on, man!