Rhino in the thicket, whataya’ gon’ do?

These two zoo guys really are a mixed bag, aren’t they?


And Mark, it’s a jeep, not a car… jeez….. But let’s not lose hope, for as Marlin reminds us, they are professionals!


So now comes the pièce de résistance… The moment of moments… when the otherwise unassuming take center stage and school us all!!  Whatever that is, and whatever it has to do with the pointed stick, I guess we’ll find out in the coming installments!

How Far the Mighty have Fallen!!

I guess we wouldn’t have had the chance to notice the Zoo-Jeep until now, but OK, I guess…


And of course poor Jim (Fowler?) immediately takes the back seat, in deference to The Trail.  If Mark’s not driving, then he’s sure a hell riding shotgun…  Unless he’s on Safari and there is a pretty woman involved


So what’s the plan here?  To drive the Rhino to exhaustion?  Pull out another tranq-gun, this one with armor piercing capabilities?

Ah yes, the days of the Television Show… before the world was taken over and the Networks fell under siege to a universe of 5-minute YouTube clips…  When Sunday night meant Wild Kingdom, the Wonderful World of Disney and, if you were lucky (since it was past bedtime) Bonanza!  OK!  Aging myself a bit there…

The only genuine expressions are found on the animals!

We go from wide-screen, 2.76:1 Ultra Panavision yesterday to the somewhat standard 3 panel presentation today, and well,, that’s about as exciting as it gets…


The evil Marlin is grimacing over “something you don’t see all the time,” while Cherry throws her sympathies toward the “poor cat…”  While an off-camera voice (Mark?) completes the color commentary!  It’s about now in a James Allen “Storyline” that we have to start asking “Where is all this going?”  I’m sure he hasn’t the foggiest notion and awaits inspiration from who knows where in order to direct the arc of this tale.

Please… for the love of syndicated comics, hire a writer!  There have to be aspiring scriptwriters somewhere that would love to take a crack at this!

Catching up…

On what I am not quite sure…  Sorry Campers, I was away on Bidness for a couple of days… Unlike Mark, I actually have a job!


Which is what normal people do, which is what gives them the right to actually go on a real VACATION!  Seriously, weren’t mark Cherry just on one?  In Hawaii?  When they were rudely interrupted by Abbey Powell and her ant problem?


Dusty and Cherry’s attempt at humor falls flat and, despite some off camera laugh track being applied, Mark is also interrupted but he sound of the big cat, come looking for the other ham-bone!  But what was Mark going to say?  “I don’t think you… know what normal is?


Today we are treated to a single panel of the Bengal Tiger getting tossed by the Rhino… I’m sorry, did I miss a frame or two?  I am just thankful that I was able to return with a triple-header, and didn’t have to comment on each of these individually!  I am now back for the dailies, campers, see you tomorrow!

Incongruity, thy Name is Trail…

Let’s start out with the fact that Cherry is driving an Escalade.  Really?  Let’s say they buy pre-owned… a 2017 will run you 85 grand…  No to mention the 22 inch wheels with the extremely low profile tires (30’s?) makes no sense anywhere other than Southern California…  Where the hell would a freelance writer and a stay at home mom come up with that kind scratch, even if they had nothing in the way of living expenses?  Sort of reminds me of the people on “Storage Wars…”  They make more money “starring” in the show and gathering in endorsements than they ever would picking through the remains of abandoned storage lockers…  hence the reason they all drive brand-new vehicles…


Now let’s focus on Cherry’s impossibly thin waist…  Who is she?  Barbie?  Wearing a corset?  In panel two said corset has her doubled over in pain as she makes her way toward her smiling husband.

Ha, ha!  I get it! another Clown Car Reference!  Except that the clowns we were aware of were staggering around all zombie-like with their back-sides peppered with rock-salt!

And what’s with the continued “Mr. Trail?”  Not a single, “Please, call me Mark…”  What a pompous ass!