What th-? Rhino Horns?

Well played, James Allen.  Getting me to do actual research based on today’s installment…


The Greater One-Horned Rhino is found in Southern Nepal, along the Indian border, likely in the Chitwan National Park.  This means that the plane headed south before turning east to Tumlingtar:

Kath to Num

Good thing they are flying…  it’s a good 14 hour drive otherwise.

Baiting him, Mark is!

Clearly, Mark has come prepared… done a bit of Googling before his assignment…


If Mark isn’t careful, he’s going to end up getting tossed… without a parachute!

Well, this is uncomfortable…

Mark, lacking any shred of empathy or self-awareness, continues to get under the skin of Dr. camel…


…and is this what we have to look forward to?  Weeks of bickering over whether Yeti exist?


Not to mention the Bumble from the Rankin-Bass Classic Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer!  I mean,  if reindeer can fly, then certainly The Abominable Snowman exists!!



Clearly, judging by the expression on her face, Genie has heard this laugh before, and she knows that it means nothing good…


Num?  It’s a place, all right…  a place where it’s best to bring your Range Rover…


Funny…  The picture from the space station (yesterday must be from the other side… as it made it appear that Makalu was to the west of Everest…  Apparently not…

Here’s to hoping they tipped the driver…

Ah, Kathmandu…  a mix of the new and the old…  The “transport” arranged by Genie turned out to be a dude on a bicycle rickshaw…  reminiscent of an old Seinfeld episode.   Good Lord, could we even make that show today??


“Ah! We’ve Arrived??” Like you couldn’t see the plane and hanger from (literally) a mile off?


A beard!  I knew it!  Dr. Camel has a beard!  But what self-respecting academic prowling the Northern Steppe would leave home without one?  Of course, Mark has no facial hair and could never sport such a prodigious Jaw-mane…


You can tell by the last scene that Dr. Camel is accustomed to “selling” people on his belief systems…  as this is where he makes his living!  Science?  Pshaw!  It’s a matter of getting people hooked on the possibility of meeting Squatch.  And oh, buy the way… If it’s not Beef Jerky, now it’s Soap…  Who has the rights to this anyway?

And… Now we are back at the airport?

Good for you, Mark.  Let’s get some things on the table…


The Indian Army?  One footprint?  Felt?  I can’t even begin to count the number of ways that sentence is flawed.  Science is not based on feelings, for starters.  It’s based on hypotheses (proven or not) and is open to new ideas and credible challenges all the time.  OK, but what choice to be have but to follow Mark and Genie as they are conveyed in a bicycle rickshaw trundling through what appears to be an industrial park?