Yeah…. Let’s take a walk

As Mark continues to search his true feelings about JJ (Really?  We need to let this go…) Cherry is (once again) showing her patience and stamina with what must be a very challenging marriage…


What’s with Andy?  Doesn’t he want to go for walkies too?  “No,” says the Big Dog…  “The porch is just fine…”

Cherry, “Doc” is “Dad” to you… or have you forgotten?

Of course Mark couldn’t just let this one go…

Yup, we all know…


You don’t mess with old Rex


…and there is always “the telling” after a trip away from the homestead.


But I wonder if there has been time for laundry?  Or a change of clothing?  Or does Mark have 12 pink chamois cloth shirts in his closet?  Someday, just some day, I would appreciate seeing Mark in a different color combo… And Cherry, oh Cherry…  that profile you are striking reminds me of those oh so classy (classic?) mud-flaps one sees on a semi-truck, or a duely pickup with a scrotal sack hanging from the trailer hitch

OK, JJ enough…

If’n you don’t shut up about it, we will turn you in!!


But how will JJ find the money to bring his truck loan current… heck, to even put fuel in his truck?  Will word get out that he lost his shit with his clients and threatened their lives?  And has the voodoo doll terrorized Rusty and Cherry back at Lost Forest?  These, and many other questions will be answered on the next episode of… The Daily Trail.

Tent City


While they camp, and while there appeared to be a lot of daylight left where they could have put some miles between themselves and their disappointment, we get to eavesdrop on their conversation the next morning…


It still strikes me as odd that they have the pack space to each haul a family-sized dome tent… and if that’s Leola speaking on the right, I think the word you are searching for is dirty, not dingy…  dingy would be the fault of your washing machine, most likely…