The gun seems to be shrinking…

This is weird… with Leola holding the gun it has been reduced in stature… compared to when JJ was wielding it


And never mind that Leola is now pointing muzzle at Mark and Doc, with her finger on the trigger?  Given the look on her face, one could put other words into that speech bubble, like, “No more fancy stuff, Mr. Fisticufs…”

Doc is perplexed as always, and I am guessing that JJ is still out cold.  Mark is one of the original players of “The Knockout Game…” One punch is all it takes…  thankfully he only uses his powers for good.

Can JJ’s face get any more twisted up?

Poor guy… what, was he expecting the scene out of National Treasure?


As JJ’s countenance continues to get more and more screwed up, Mark displays an expression I don’t think I have ever seen before…


Call it disinterested, lethargic Mark… where even the exclamation points in the speech balloon seem to be out of place!  Whereupon JJ displays (again) a massive dose of confirmation bias… We are seeking gold, therefore all that “glints” has to be gold…

And you are comparing it to what?

Folks, folks, folks… Dialogue is on par… Bad, bad, bad…   Vultures portending doom!


JJ is employing classic motivational theory.  Always get more out of your people by threatening harm!  Have I told you that your job is at stake???


Again, Mark, as compared to what?  You spend a lot of time in mines, do you??


Oh, Doc.  You are indomitable.  Your enthusiasm, anyway.  Never mind that you are now being falsely imprisoned by this thug with a gun…  you are fulfilling a dream that you have kept secret for years.  Glad I noticed that Mark took a flashlight in with him, otherwise I’d have to wonder (again) where all the light was coming from…


Folks?  Hurry it up “Folks?”  What, is JJ from Minnesota?


The imagery of the futility of the wolves is meaningful here on a number levels, including what is trying to pass for an NBA team here in the Twin cities.  Not that I follow or care particularly, but it’s a good thing that the MN Twins are on a record-setting tear in the first half so that we can more or less ignore the Basketball team.  But then I am old enough to remember when we didn’t feel compelled to play all the major sports all the time…  But I guess we follow the money…  Just like JJ.


Criminality is the Criminal Nature of what is being proposed…  Threatening people with a gun qualifies for that, I suppose…


I guess we just didn’t see (Except for Mark) just how desperate JJ is…   But what’s with Mark removing his backpack?  Is he preparing to make a move?

By the way… Nice 3-D effect in the center panel, the way the gun barrel breaks the 4th wall… and we see that JJ has had time for a wardrobe change in the midst of all this- he and Mark are no longer Matchy-Matchy…

Mark Trail, Business Guru

Really?  Mark, one can offer advice only from a position of knowledge and experience.  You have neither of these when it comes to what you are currently opining on…


Yea!  It happens to a lot of people… Just not me!! Ha Ha!  Like the wolves (with only two?) surrounding the Bighorn Sheep (entirely out of range…) JJ has neither the will nor the guile to pull that trigger, and Mark knows it!  Meanwhile, where is Leola?  Is it too difficult to include a fourth silhouette?  Is she hiding behind a pillar of rock, waiting to get the jump on JJ?  Or is she in on the whole thing??  Remember it was HER who so quickly blabbed the true intentions of the journey!