The Map!

I have to laugh.  Mark offers no hint of relief in finding Doc upright and breathing!  Just the continued scowl and a “Where’s JJ?”


That’s right, Doc!  The Map!!  I see that you managed to keep you hat, though.  Thank goodness for that!!

Dr. Davis, I presume?

Wandering in the desert never looked like this before…


Mark, who are you talking to?  Are you looking for a witness to your thoughts? But then soft!  Who goes there?  In the distance(?)  With the tell-tale hat and gate?  And voice?  It’s Doc, of course… Mark looks pissed!  Really!  No inheritance today, bucko!

Marco! Polo!


Oh my!  Such excitement!


Had to pick up from where we left off yesterday…

Now that Mark is (once again) in saviour mode, and of course it’s the damsel that needs saving, we can rest assured that everyone will come out the other end OK…  Death visits the Trailverse infrequently (once, as I recall…) so we can really breathe easily now.  Never mind the fact that we will spend the next few days escaping this situation…

Ummm, OK?

I guess this is why they refer to these events as “flash floods…”


…in the blink of an eye, a wall of water is crashing down on the troops…


If the water is arriving/moving that fast, I doubt one could out-run it… and of course we will have to wait ’til Monday to see whether they were swept away (or not!)  Better save the MAP!