Mad Mark!

Mark looks like he’s about to punch out Jose…  which probably wouldn’t be a very good idea… considering he’s a peace officer and all.


Still utterly confused… the kids had the door slammed in their face…  How can they be “inside?”

Temper, Temper!!

Mark is still hoppin’ mad!  My son!  My son!  He’s not your son!  But it’s nice that you think of him that way… By the way, his name is Rusty, and there is another young soul that you might want to be concerned about…


The Old Library… Isn’t that where they are right now??

Oh, your mother is going to be so disappointed!

There has to come a time in every felon’s life when he or she realizes they strayed from the path that had been hoped for them… even families steeped in crime must have expectations of not getting caught and going to jail…


Oh Juanito…  ¡Lo siento mucho!  ¡La plantilla está arriba! Vas a ir a la carcel… 

But there is more to unravel here… What about Becky?  Is Professor Carter in on this or has he been duped?  What other authorities need to get involved?  Or do we just get to wrap this turkey up and go home?

More Punching!

I guess Juanito wants to add ‘resisting arrest’ and ‘assault on a peace officer’ to his rap sheet…


…and as Captain / Officer Jose gets his face rearranged in today’s installment, there is an odd yellow thing that appears in the middle panel…  what is that?

Bending time…

OK, yesterday, Juanito was across the street and under full gait when Captain Jose noticed him and decided that he should give chase…


…and today, by the third panel, he has (literally) placed the long arm of the law on Juanito’s shoulder…  which means that (either) Captain Jose can bend time or Juanito is running in place