What? I mean, “Who?”

Credit where it’s due:  This kind of made me chuckle this morning…


…and further evidence that Mark still earns some kind of paycheck… (I know I get fixated on that…) by writing articles for “Field and Forest” or “Woods and Streams” or whatever the heck that magazine is called…But it would seem that both Joe and the voice on the radio are readers of said periodical… as Joe corrects and reminds the disembodied voice about a feature of a certain cave adventure that was an early example of the kind of pacing we’d have to endure in the James Allen era…

And the Owl says, “What?”


OK, Hang on a Minute…

What complicates things is the fact that you knew that there was a “drop” going down at the temple and yet you brought Rusty and Mara right to it?  Besides sleepy, how dumb are you?


Sleepy Joe continues to prattle on and hold forth like he’s the brains of the outfit… use the kids?  Get them out of the way?  Mark Trail’s reputation?  For what?  Sponging off friends and family?  Never working an honest day in his life?  Being obtuse and not self-aware?

Even ‘The Drooler’ is in on it!

Poor Joe… he sleeps his way through life.  That includes the need to wear a bib, as apparently he drools when he naps.  Ick.


“The Gig?”  What- are they in a band or something?  “Onto” or “on to?”  I think it’s the latter, but then I am not sure… Did Rusty and Mara go in to the Temple or into the temple?  Or they simply entered the Temple…   I recently caught myself saying something that I have been saying probably most of my life- a non-word… “Wholenuther,” as in, “that’s a wholenuther thing you’re talking about…”  I have to laugh.  It’s not a word, obviously, but I think it’s clear what I mean…  Oh well.


“Unfortunate” indeed…  but that’s not a word that a henchman uses… That’s more a word that the mastermind would use, whilst stroking his cat

Joe’s gonna get his ass fired…

So… as Rusty and Mara are chasing the bus on foot, going after the bad guy with the (I guess) genuine historical artifact, Joe is passed out in the van.  One has to wonder who is screaming at him through the radio…


One also has to wonder what it would be like to be chronically in need of sleep.  Oh, wait… I can relate, especially when it comes time to create another entry chronicling the “progress” of one of these James Allen “story” lines…  The Jag in the foreground would seem to agree…

Time Check

April 30th…  that’s the day the plane took off for Mexico. That would make it roughly 4 months of nonstop non-intrigue…  Prior to this we were about to meet Manuel Blanco Romansanta…  But then we cut away to the Trails at the Airport…


So yea… This looks like a good idea- boarding an “old Mexican bus” bound for who knows where… Santa Poco?  El Rey?  And thank you Rusty for pointing out obvious facts just to make sure that we, the readership, aren’t left to guess what’s happening.

Crime Dog?

Just to maintaintain the illusion of movement and pace I am doubling up on the dailies…


Did you, Rusty, compliment Becky?  I don’t recall.  But then I don’t really recall much of what happens, it grinds along so slowly…


Yea! Let’s make sure we get good and lost, or at least find ourselves cornered by bad people…  That will be exciting!