At Least the Birds are In on the Joke…

As the stilted and unlikely dialogue continues, we find out the names of the other characters in this current story arc…  And it seems the birds in the second panel are going along with it.  I can’t for the life and Google in me figure out what they are, though… a little help??


No, not the dreaded  Jim (for reasons unknown**) but rather Becky…  And so far Dr. Carter doesn’t have a first name…  (**oh, wait- a reference to Marlin Creed’s assistant!)

Do we know Marlin Creed?  Oh, yea… How soon we forget… the dude from the Zoo!  Cherry was clearly NOT IMPRESSED with Marlin’s tactics…

Thirty years?!  Mark, you are 35 years old…  Did you meet him when you were in kindergarten?  And for that matter, what is the Mark Trail backstory?  We know shockingly little about the Young Mark Trail, where he was spawned and what landed him in his current life…  I can see it now… a new strip- Young Mark Trail– Wouldn’t that be ripping?