So… What now?

I can picture the little artist’s model elephant on the drawing board being posed and turned about in order to provide all the angles necessary to continue drawing this sequence.  No small feat, I suppose… when one considers all the angles we have seen over the last week.


Cutting it close?  Really?  Was there ever a doubt?  Not so much.  What Dusty really wants to say is “Here, Mark, would you like my badge?”  It would seem that at least one of the characters here is redundant…

Strategic Elephant

Somehow the elephant knows what is about to hit him, and is looking to neutralize the threat.


So yes, here we are… Suffering through another extended aspect of an artificially elongated plotline… I will say it here…  Serial comic strips don’t have to resemble movie storyboards that capture scene and action in 2 second intervals…  Maybe if we were looking at a comic book where we could get to the inflection points more quickly, and linger over the passages we choose, then that would help lessen the tedium.  But for me and the handful of faithful that look to the daily strips for constant intrigue, that’s probably an unrealistic expectation.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Enter the hero…

… and by that I mean mark Trail!  Of course.  Mark will always cast a very long shadow, making everyone else, including Dusty the Game Warden a bit character at best.


I think we are all doing our best to stay with this “adventure…” I’m not sure whether it would have been more compelling to see Mark lifted and tossed like the truck, but for now he seems to have the upper hand.

I’m sorry, but is ‘Jumbo’ the equivalent of an ethnic slur for elephants?  Sort of like calling all the Pullman Porters ‘George?’

Mark Trail channeling Jim Fowler…

Remember Ol’ Jim Fowler?  Marlin Perkins’ man on the ground?  He was never afraid to “go in” and take care of what needed to be done…  And it would appear that he is still kickin’ it at 85…


Of course Mark will be perpetually 36 years old…  Young enough to make these moves, but mature enough to know a few tricks… One of which is to scoot under the belly of the beast and thereby avoid getting gored or stomped…

Even though I have taken issue with the size of the elephant, the drawings of said pachyderm have been first rate!  Let’s wait ’til tomorrow to see if Mark draws down at point blank range!

I still say that this is a smallish, juvenile elephant…

Allow me to make my point…  African Elephant, below:


Unless this is an Indian (Asian) Elephant… which appears to be slightly smaller:

main-qimg-61d4b244f59a8a3a4e0331c7d24e0a4c-c (1)

But with its “Africa shaped ears” and single dome head it appears to be an African Elephant.


But really?  I have already invested 30 minutes of my life I will never get back on this foolishness…  but oh well, helps me get my brain working in the morning…

Mark appears to be making a “move…” let’s see whether he’s able to avoid a goring!

Your Truck??

More like the state’s truck…  as if you’d be driving your own and if you were it wouldn’t be that nice a vehicle… have you priced new trucks lately?  We’re talking $40-50 grand!


I am having a heck of a time piecing this all together though…  an F-150 goes three-ton at the curb…  can an elephant really up and toss something that big through the air?  Not likely…


Actually Mark, even taking perspective into account, that appears to be a modest sized elephant…  And Dusty, Mark is asking you what he ought to do, not be…  Listen, man…