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BOLO, you mean like the string tie?

Or more likely a “Be on the Look-out” alert, if I had to guess.  But look at the slack-jawed, mouth-breathing look that the boss is offering up… At least I think he’s the boss, otherwise he wouldn’t be asking all the questions.  And I have to say, his hairline is the most disturbing feature I have seen for a while, even including Rusty’s mug…


And with a dismissive, “let me turn my back to you while I explain how modern surveillance works” move, the field officer offers up that they DO have the facial recognition software, just like Mr, Ponytail said they would.  We still don’t know what’s odd or strange about the whole thing however…  maybe tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “BOLO, you mean like the string tie?

  1. This is going so far off the rails and I keep reminding myself that Dirty is going to lumber into the middle of this mess at some point.

  2. And let’s not forget Lee Hunter and the poor African herdsmen awaiting her salvation through the sight on her Remington packing .375 H&H Magnum cartridges . . . .

    If you recall, she has a thing for Dirty.

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