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Aw shucks, ma’am…

…all in a day’s work…

…as Abbey transmogrifies back into a woman- curves, eyelashes and all…


But oh no… there will be no smooching.  And that assumes that Abbey is even interested…  So as the tension dissipates, we are left to ponder the greater mysteries of the Trailverse, chief among which is… What the hell day is it, anyway?  Has the sun even set?  I don’t think it has.  At least now we know how Mark stays perpetually 32 years old.  The earth doesn’t rotate as quickly for him as it does for us- to wit- I was at the dry cleaners yesterday and received a senior discount… ugh!  Talk about your good news/bad news scenarios…


2 thoughts on “Aw shucks, ma’am…

  1. Abbey transmogrifies back into a curvy, feminine form, you say? I dunno… her profile in panel two sure looks “hard”. That jaw of hers is nearly as big as Mark’s. And how did she grow a half a foot in height between panel one and panel two, anyway; or did she Mark to squat? We move from her ambiguous profile in pane two to panel three, where we find the return of the doe-eyed beauty. Abbey must be something of a shape-shifter.

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