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Meanwhile, Back at the Cal…

We had almost forgotten you buddy!  And it would seem that you are the only one that has any common sense… but then you made it out of the ‘Nam in one piece, so you can be assumed to have good instincts…  and following a Nature Writer and an “Agent” of the USDA (hey, she can pretend, right??) into the Hawaiian wilderness is probably something you should avoid…


So with Cal’s ears growing, and Abbey’s face changing by the day…


Or simply the deft use and re-use of the same unrecognizable face…


…but at least in Mark’s case, the little forelock hairs are slightly different… sort of like the Slylock Fox Comic that asks the reader to point of what is different between to seemingly identical pictures…

And with that, the longest sentence fragment ever in the history of the blogosphere, I leave you all to wonder what will happen once Mark and Abbey hit the “Trail…”  Ha!  See what I did there??


One thought on “Meanwhile, Back at the Cal…

  1. So common sense (ie Garage Logic) again eludes Mark Trail as he allows Cal to sit out the adventure, rather than having him fly the two of them off the the top of the “mountain.” No doubt, Mr All-About-Me wants to again impress people with his rock-climbing ability and agility. And no doubt, he again has a climber’s pick stuck in the back of his pants, just in case he needs it. Or maybe Abbey has it in her disappearing-reappearing back pack.

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