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The Red Imported Fire Ant

As opposed to the the Domestic variety?  They must have hailed from somewhere at some point- had to be indigenous before they became invasive… Looks like they came from South America originally…   Lest I appear to any readers as being cavalier about invasives, let me assure you I am not.  But we really can be our own worst enemy sometimes…  the “Bighead” or “Asian” Carp that is knocking on the door of the Great Lakes system is a real threat and brought to us courtesy of the catfish farmers down south… who started introducing this species into their catfish ponds to help keep them clean.  One flood later and poof, the genie’s out of the bottle and there’s  only so much we can do to stop them.  Another example is the Buckthorn Plant… deemed a noxious weed in Minnesota by our own DNR, various versions can still be purchased over the counter at you local nursery or home center…


But, but, but… I thought Abbey already retrieved a specimen?  I’m so confused.  Whatever.  And hey… I have an idea.  Why don’t you both board the Helicopter and have Cal fly you up there?  I’m sure he could hover precariously as you both execute a tetherless rappel (I just made that one up…) which to the uninformed would look like two people leaping out of a helicopter onto a small outcropping.  No risk there…


One thought on “The Red Imported Fire Ant

  1. So what is Cal doing now? If he is just waiting around on the beach, he might as well run them up to the top of the steep, granite-like pinnacles on this volcanic island to collect the ant samples for the dis-believing USDA. It would sure save a lot of time.

    Though I suspect he has left without a return time or date, intentionally leaving Mark and Abbey to wander the jungle for days looking for ants without food or shelter. Toss in a broken satellite phone, more earthquakes, a volcanic eruption and a few sexy poses, we are well past Christmas before he returns.

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