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OK, kids,  we’ve seen this before…  Abbey Powell taking a bad step, and a random earthquake RRRUUUUMMMMMBBBBBLLLLLEEEE…  at least this is more plausible here than in the cave story.  Appears that Earthquakes are a daily thing in Hawaii, although registering only 1.0 – 2.0  on the Richter scale…

Abbey Powell needs to have a word with James Allen.  If he going to feature her (a real person with a life, presumably with ambitions,) she can’t allow him to continue to portray her as a stumbling oaf…  Hey, I mean, I have daughter, probably about Abbey’s age, trying to make her way in the world of science, and this kind of portrayal helps no one…


So pick yourself up and dust yourself off, Abbey… blow the coral dust out of your nose and pretend this never happened, right??


2 thoughts on “…sigh…

  1. Is there any chance that she could get eaten by a bear while she’s unconscious? An invasive species bear? Mark could shoot a bear on vacation and Cherry would never have to worry about Abbey interrupting another trip. Win win.

  2. How to liven up this dead horse of a plot:

    Abbey loses her designer lenses – or they will surprisingly shatter (surprising, given that lenses are normally hardened plastic). And to add to the B-movie drama: The quake opens a crevasse that reveals a large colony of millions of fire ants. They storm out and immediately pursue Abbey. Without her glasses, she trips over one obstacle after another in honored B-movie fashion, as the ants destroy everything in their path to pursue her. Abbey finds herself on the shoreline as sharks swim menacingly, just yards away!

    But Mark and Cal suddenly appear overhead.In a typical act of Trailian overreacting, Mark hangs upside down from the helicopter’s skids to reach down and pull Abbey up to safety, just as the ants converge upon her location. With Mark and Abbey still hanging from the skids over the ant-covered beach, Abbey asks Mark if Cherry came along for the ride. Mark avoids the question by noticing Abbey’s glasses are missing and asks her where they are. She informs Mark about their loss and they discuss the best way to go about locating them, unaware that some of the ants have taken them.

    In the mean time, Cal is leaning out of the cockpit to discourse on the nature of shark feeding habits, without noticing that the chopper is now on bingo fuel. Suddenly he is blinded by the sun’s reflection bouncing off of Abbey’s glasses, which are being carried by the ants. Cal’s automatic reaction sends the chopper into a tail spin, while Mark and Abbey hang on for dear life. Or not!

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