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Enter, stage left, the CRB…

…like the EAB (Emerald Ash Borer) this little terror (the Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle) has wreaked havoc on the Hawaiian ecosystem by threatening a necessary and iconic feature- coconut and date palm trees…


Ugly little thing, ain’t it??  What is it about invasive species, at least these two, that are reduced to three letter acronyms??  Does James Allen get all his story ideas from the USDA website?  I think he must…

And why haven’t the Rhinoceros lovers of the world risen up and filed an anti-defamation suit against the naming of this pest?  While it has a vague likeness, the two aren’t even in the same league as it pertains to what role they play, one a victim of its own physiology, the other a destroyer of economies!


Red Imported Fire Ants?  as opposed to the domestic, home grown variety?  I guess it’s a real thing…  Never doubt the Trail, Dennis, never doubt the Trail…


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