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Careful Mark…

Your natural, trusting instincts can get you in trouble… you don’t know whose side Cal is on- yours or the invasive species’…  so best you make up a back story that seems plausible but doesn’t give away the true nature of your mission…  although that invasive species line would be the perfect cover for another, more nefarious plot of your own, so by now Cal must be thinking that you are full of it…


But soft!  Do I detect foreshadowing?  As in, “The island has been quiet for several years now…”  I’ll bet you dollars to donut holes that we are in for a doozy!  But really? Where’s the story here?  This atoll is completely segregated from other islands, and unless ants learn to build rafts and migrate I think that the problem is solved…  or at least contained…

Thanks to everyone who weighed in on ant reproductive cycle and methods… very entertaining.  For the record, I have to believe that Mark and Cherry have yet to consummate their marriage.  To think otherwise would shatter all notions we hold dear in the Trailverse…


2 thoughts on “Careful Mark…

  1. What is with the look on Mark’s face here? He looks devastated by the thought of invasive species not his usual excited . Or something else? Mystery illness coming on? Fear of volcanoes?

  2. Looks like he’s apologizing for the explanation. Perhaps it’s to placate Cal’s apparent suspicions.

    As for the theory of a consummatus interruptus between Mark and Cherry, perhaps that’s why Mark is always running off at the drop of a bat, or ant, or boat. For all of his wildlife knowledge, survival prowess, and occasional body buffness (and where the hell does he work out, anyway?), Mark may have succumbed to the greater thrills of life-risking that mere sex just won’t provide. In my own case, I have been fortunate enough to realize my limits and have made a lifelong avoidance of climbing through dangerous caves, running from people with automatic weapons, blowing up boats, and fighting wild animals. If I was a character in “Mark Trail”, you’d find me at poolside, helping Cherry get through another Blue Hawaii.

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