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Huh? What’d you say??

And just how loud are Mark and Cal talking, or shouting even??  Anyone who’s been in a helicopter knows that with the spinning rotor a few feet above your head and no sound-proofing, the decibel level is quite high and one needs to wear a headset– for hearing protection as well as in-flight communication… Sound level estimates range from 90-150 dB, certainly not conversation friendly…


Anyway, seems we are off to an adventure… again.  As Cal warns Mark about the geological instability of the little atolls, we are left to wonder what force of nature is waiting to threaten our hero…  which is continuing theme- no human villains, just man against nature…  OK, it was Jefe (or maybe Jose) who drove Mark, Gabe and Carina into the cave system to begin with as they ran from the AK and the bundle of dynamite, but then for weeks it was Nature trying to take them out…  But it seems that Cal is game, heck he can always punch it and get the heck out of there if things get dicey…

OK… late add… this link brought to my attention by loyal reader Dan P. features one incredibly mal-informed member of congress, afraid that by putting too many Marines on the island of Guam that it will- get this- tip over… seriously…  great reference to supposedly unstable atolls… I was simply unaware of this one.


2 thoughts on “Huh? What’d you say??

  1. Unstable Atolls and killer ants attacking a bird nest. What could go wrong?
    I’m still befuddled by Mississippi Ken and Foxy Locks keeping the radioactive, lesion covered shark on ice in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico with the sun beating down for God knows how long while Trail made his way from Lost Forest. Where did the walloping pile of ice come from? Why not bring the beast ashore for examination with Doc’s test kits.
    And why the hell is Trail the one to dive headlong into the fray with the Nuclear Material Smugglers? Don’t we have plenty of Government agencies to do that work? Perhaps Abbey Powell could offer up a bureau or two. (I had forgotten that the entire episode was monitored by just such an agency).
    I long for the days of that Lurid, story (and Man) stealing Trollop, Kelly Welly to stumble along and muck things up. Or Trail socking someone in the jaw then getting a crowbar to the side of the head and waking up in Alaska.
    Sorry, it’s just so preposterous, now the Magnum P.I. angle.
    I have to say you dedication to your craft is inspiring, somehow. Keep up the good work

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