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Cherry’s not saying it…

…Thank Goodness… But she’s “got a bad feeling about this.”  And doesn’t want to be any part of it.  Any time Mark goes on assignment, shit happens…  But look at how Mark’s face lights up at the prospect of leaving Cherry behind.  He doesn’t want her tagging along- no way, no how…  Compare his expression today with what we saw when he wasn’t allowed to rent a boat…


Business must be slow for “Island Hoppers” charter services.  It’s as if Cal was sitting around with an empty date book…  But let’s also take a look at the greatest and most blatant reference (nod? ripoff?) to Magnum…


Here we see “Higgy Baby”(Higgins, caretaker to the estate of Robin Masters, where Magnum slummed in the beach house) standing along-side the van with matching motif of the Hughes 500D that is the fleet for Island Hoppers.  TC would take Magnum for rides at the drop of a hat, and get mixed up in all kinds of stuff, all without Magnum paying him a dime!  Now there’s friendship!  “Hey we did ‘the Nam’ together, so I guess you owe me,” or something like that…  But that color scheme!  bleccch!  I guess there’s no accounting for taste, especially looking back in time…


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