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Ah, yes… the Ol’ 500-D

Mark would (apparently) know it at first sight… and apparently really knows his helicopters, since this is one of a dozen or more variants in a long line of Hughes model 500 helicopters… The “D” certified in 1976…


Now, now, Cherry… Let’s not get all negative here… Of course Mark knows where he’s going!  And note the “you’re” and not the “we’re,” which might imply that Cherry will be taking the Roadster back to the Hotel, or someplace else to continue to get her vacation on…


One thought on “Ah, yes… the Ol’ 500-D

  1. And more blatant Magnum PI references, for those of us who may not have picked up the initial, more subtle reference pointed out by Dennis:
    1. ex-military pilot,
    2. “Island Hoppers” helicopter charter service
    3. Hughes 500D

    Now, will the pilot turn out to be a black guy named T.C.?

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