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Who does that?

The Chamber of Commerce, or “the Chamber” for short, is a political organ usually populated by the oldest and whitest of the business community…  OK, maybe not on Hawaii, where the dominant population (presumably) would be native Pacific Islanders…  or not…  according to the 2010 census, Asian accounts for nearly 40%, White 25%, another 25% declares mixed heritage and Native Islander comes in at 10%… So anyway, who calls the Chamber to get a recommendation on a Helicopter?  Ask the Concierge at your fancy hotel, pull it up on your phone and look at the Yelp ratings… but the Chamber?  Strange.


And it looks like Cherry gets to go!  Maybe that was a given, but I wasn’t going to put it past Mark to duck and run…  But the question now is can he get the chopper to land and wait while Mark and Abbey do their “thing…”  Investigate invasive species, of course. Not the other “thing…” And is Cherry even remotely excited about all this?  Sure, why not…


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