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Ha! See what we’re doing here?

Word choice is ever so important…  rather than say, “Bill suggested I charter a helicopter,” or “Bill suggested I find a chopper, complete with a licensed and insured pilot flying it, to take me (not us, mind you) to the island,” Mark shares with his Darling Cherry that “Bill suggested I get a (an?) helicopter…”  Which of course elicits the gob-smacked stare from Cherry in panel 3…


But let’s turn our attention back to the first panel, where Cherry’s work with the Total Gym® is on full display!  Look at that core!  Look at how trim her arms are!  It’s almost creepy!  Almost makes me pine for her LL Bean lady’s chamois-cloth shirt and dungarees!


3 thoughts on “Ha! See what we’re doing here?

  1. I think James Allen is preparing for his future with Young Lust comics, as we know his tenure with this strip looks grim.

  2. Isn’t Mark in the second panel essentially identical to the Mark in the prior day’s first panel, sans phone? Reuse and recycle.

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