Oh the plot thickens…

…the proof is in the pudding, or something like that…  As the camera pans back to reveal a wreck of some kind, the “Elizabeth Dane,” or so it appears… A quick peak back to the “two years ago” segment does not show that the Yacht had a name, or that there was very much wood in its construction, so who knows what this all means.


But is the Pelican real?  It almost looks like a casting of some kind…   Pelican bills are normally orange, or at least not white…

A “Story,” huh?

Wow, it almost sounds credible…  C’mon Abbey come clean.  You just want to lure the Trail to an island paradise for a little extended “field work…” and now your plan is foiled because he’s already there… with his wife!!  I’m guessing that Abbey is on Kauai as well, otherwise, unless they all have sat phones, they probably wouldn’t be talking…   But what do I know…  probably a SIM card that allows for that these days…  and according to lonelyplanet.com, one need only dial 1-808 and the number and you are good to go, island to island!


OK, but now for the elephant in the room…  perspective or not, Cherry is an amazon!  She’s got to be 7 feet tall in that picture if she’s an inch.  It’s unnatural.  Like her head has been plopped onto an extraterrestrial or something…   a buff, leggy extraterrestrial, but still…

I’m starting to think that we aren’t going to find the skeletal remains of Honey and Darling though… their contribution to this whole story is the fact that they carted firewood onto the island, complete with fire ants, and within a two year time span managed to upset an entire ecosystem…

She’s Got the Trail on Speed-dial!

Uhhh, right.  You’re an “Agent” of the USDA, you’ve stumbled upon an invasive species situation in our 50th state, and your first call is Mark Trail!  OK, maybe not your first call, but the fact that you would call him at all is hilarious…


Nice scowl on Cherry in panel one!  We can just hear (and maybe should be seeing, given the medium) the icicles hanging off the dialogue!  But really?  “Mark Trail’s office?”  Ha!  Who’s kidding whom, here??  And the fact that Abbey assumed/knew that it was Cherry answering the phone!  Double-ha!!

I’m not sure that Cherry and Abbey ever actually met, at least on “on camera…” I thumbed through the “Leave it to Beaver” story arc (which by the way moved fairly quickly compared to the Cave Odyssey, but then using that as a standard so did the formation of the Rocky mountain range…) and don’t see where the two actually met…  If I’m wrong here, please let me know!

Oh, Mark, Give it a Rest…

Such a scowl on your face in panel three!  But how exactly do you propose that people know when you are on vacation and when you are not?  Your entire life is devoid of schedules, responsibility, deadlines, and answering to anyone other than yourself.  That, for most people, defines “Vacation…”  And why, pray tell, do you have your phone with you and turned on?  Only to ensure that your “vacation” with Cherry will be interrupted, which is your most fervent wish anyway… rather than go on all the excursions that Cherry is contemplating as she rifles through the pamphlets!


Is it me, or does Mark look like Andy Kaufman in Panel two?  You know, the comedian that played “Latka”on the show “Taxi” from the 70’s?

Please, get this woman another drink!!

Cherry, you are lit, girl.  Look at you!  And all the brochures!  Don’t you know that it’s the excursions that will get you?  They lure you to a tropical paradise, even an all-inclusive with watered-down drinks, for next to nothing, and the next thing you know you are spending hundreds a day getting bused around to look at monkeys and ruins and what-not…  Not that there’s anything wrong with what-not, but please be careful to avoid sticker shock upon checking out!


Ah, saved by the bell!  No doubt an “old friend” of Mark’s catching up to him on vacation- that will now drive a wedge between what was planned and what will now actually happen.  We needed something to happen, because watching Mark and Cherry on vacation would not be very exciting!

Yes. We established that.

“That was a close call!” Mark can now exclaim aloud as he breaks the water’s surface.  Paddleboard?  Check.  Paddle?  Life Preserver?  Who knows… they should appear magically by tomorrow…


As Mark puts hairs numbered 12,345 and 23,456 back in place, and as a Manta Ray glides quickly away, we are reminded (again) that Nature is as Nature does… that we, as land dwellers, are merely guests in this watery world.  Oceans cover 70% of the globe.  Hiding vast mountain ranges and life forms…  Think about that… we have marveled at this for centuries, not being sure what lay at the horizon…  imagine living in a world limited by your ability to see and perhaps walk, slowly, to test your boundaries…  in the grand scheme of things, that wasn’t that long ago…  a couple of ticks of the epochal clock.

Yes, and you’d better go up for breath of air, too…

That must have been some impact, as it appears to have knocked Mark right out of his PFD – Personal Flotation Device- (if not his BVD’s…) So now he’ll owe money for that as well…


What must is be like for a whale, who can only give the world a side-ways glance…  who must have a giant blind spot in front, which denies it binocular vision and any hope of depth perception?  Does it maintain two distinct fields of view?  How does the whale brain process that?  Apparently that’s still a mystery, even going back to Melville’s time when he captured Ishmael’s pondering of the very same question