What could possibly go wrong?

Well I’ll tell you what could…  Readers of this strip will surely recall what a flock of flying geese can do to a Helicopter called in to help put out a fire!  But I am sure that there is a TC on the island game for a little run to a abandoned atoll…And how many of you got the Magnum PI reference without clicking?  Extra points if you did!!


So as Editor Bill Ellis continues to keep his talent feeling important by offering another, much cooler, option, he continues to recover from PTICS (Post Traumatic Insurance Claim Stress) and can now rest easy that Mark will be a mere passenger in someone else’s craft, limiting his exposure to financial loss.  Of course he can only hope that the charter company has really great insurance, and that something happens to Mark, upon which time he could file a claim against that company!!  Makes me wonder if they have a policy on Mark himself in order that they might profit from his demise???  hmmm…  I should give Bill a call.  Of course we know that Mark is invincible and that the policy would never pay off.

Who knew that we could ever get so much mileage out of an insurance-themed discussion?!  And how many of you know that it was Ben Franklin that started the first fire insurance company in the new world?  The Philadelphia Contributorship… in 1752.  Keep coming back, kids… You can observe a lot by watching!