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Marky Mark!!

Remember Mark Wahlberg (I mean, he’s still around and all…) but remember how he got his start as a Calvin Klein Underwear model?  20 feet tall on Times Square??  Well, he’s got nothing on our Mark!  I think that James Allen likes to draw boats and the human form.  Mark has never looked more fit and trim…


And who the heck are you, Editor Bill Ellis?  Last I checked it was a free country and boat rentals, while maybe not mentioned in the Bill of Rights, are certainly not excluded…  And unless word has gotten out about what an awful risk Mark is, he should have no issues renting a boat on his own dime…  Or apparently a helicopter on the company dime…  we’ll see where this goes…

OK, I think we’ve milked this as much as we can… so as we leave this chapter, called “In Which Mark tries to Rent a Boat and Bill says No!” we can look forward to his figuring out another way to ruin his vacation…  not to mention the landscape.  For a supposed naturalist, Mark tends to leave a pretty heavy footprint…

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