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Just like one of those guys…

Poor Bill Ellis!  He doesn’t realize that he IS in one of those “Serial Comics…”  He thinks he’s real!  Sort of like Buzz Lightyear thinking that he is actually a “Guardian of the Galaxy” and not a child’s plaything


So as reality continues to set in on The Trail, and as his “vacation” with Cherry is blowing up like the rental boats of yore, Mark is still determined to “get the story…”  Oh, I know, why don’t you (as was suggested by faithful reader Daniel P.) ask Abbey to come around and pick you up in her ocean going dingy?

4 thoughts on “Just like one of those guys…

  1. It’s fabulous that Bill Ellis goes to serial comics as a reference. Not movies, TV shows, novels or even comic books. Serial comics. Who does that? (I guess editors in charge of outdoor magazine empires do.)

    Mark is so sad and needy here. It makes me worried he’ll just steal a boat.


  2. Here is a lesson for any Boy Scouts out there — If you can drag it up on the beach, do not take it out past the sight of shore.

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