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Wait for it… Wait…

This is actually kind of funny.  Tune in tomorrow, gang, when Editor Bill Ellis suffers an aneurysm…  Or perhaps, like Inspector Clouseau’s superior, Chief Inspector Charles Dreyfus, he will develop a permanent nervous tic based on all the mayhem Mark creates…


Note the many things going on here… and not…  Editor Bill Ellis is out on the veranda again, when the building clearly has no verandas…  Note that Mark is saying “I” and not “We” when he talks about meeting up with Abbey… sorry, Cherry.  And unless you count female graduates from Ohio Wesleyan University, there tends to be -0- diversity in this strip. I was just struck by the whiteness of the pallet in today’s  offering.

I also ask, where is the evil?  Where is the poaching and the looting and the cheating?  Who is Mark going to get to punch?  A couple of skeletons formerly known to us as “Honey and Darling?”  We saw where White Nose Syndrome took us… on an interminable stretch underground.  Right now I don’t have high hopes for this story line either…

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