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Leaning Tower of Hearst?

Maybe it’s just the hour of the day and I haven’t quite woken up yet, but it seems like the Hearst Tower in the second panel is a bit off kilter…  hmmm, ever thought of the word kilter? Whether one could use it alone, without the modifier ‘off’ or ‘out of?’  Well it turns out (according to The Google Machine) that the very definition of the word means to be out of balance or harmony…


so to say that one is off or out of kilter suggests a double negative (always dangerous) and therefore “in” kilter?  Or simply kilter or kiltered?  hmmm spell check doesn’t like that last one…


But the Merriam Webster Official Scrabble Dictionary gives it 10 points, suggests it means “good condition,” and can be plural.  Good to know…


Anyway, as Mark regales Editor Bill Ellis with tales of Stories Written in the Past and current whereabouts, a Snowy Owl makes its appearance in the big apple.  Seems a bit out of kilter, there as well…  Peregrine Falcons have been know to take up housekeeping in our larger cities, but owls?  And aren’t they by nature nocturnal?  Hmmm… something is certainly amiss here…  And there’s that mouthful again- the IUFCNWCC…which we have established as being real, but is in serious need of re-branding.

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