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Uhhhh… you go that, Mark??

That’s w w w <dot> h u n g r y p e s t s <dot> c o m <forwardslash> t h e <dash> t h r e a t <forwardslash> i m p o r t e d <dash> f i r e <dash> a n t <dot> p h p…

Seriously?  And I’m quite sure that anyone that is inclined to move firewood from one locale to another (or hay bales for that matter) is going to somehow know to go to this website and check out the threat.  Abbey, you need to get a life.  Not to mention you, Mark…


So, to hell with any “vacation” that was planned, or even underway, for crying out loud…  Mark is on the case!  I hope Bill Ellis (editor of Woods and Wildlife magazine) tells Mark to simmer down and enjoy his vacation… and besides, Mark, do you really “work for” the magazine, or is it that you “do work for” this magazine?  Big difference…  I have always assumed that you are in a free-lance, contractor role, not a W-2 with benefits kind of thing…


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