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The Pelican lives!

…and I was fairly justified in my earlier comment regarding bill color, etc.  Here’s a lovely shot of what is a rather strange looking animal.


But OH MY!!  Isn’t Mark fired up!  “FIRE ANTS?!?  IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SOUTH PACIFIC?!?  HOW?!?”   Good lord, Mark, it’s not as if she’s found a new colony of aboriginal man…  Can you all just see Cherry rolling her eyes?  Well, she’s probably used to it by now.  That’s her man…  Does his best to show affection (more than ever under James Allen’s pen) but is still really only turned on by a good nature mystery…

So as Abbey and Mark geek out over Fire Ants, we are left to wonder what’s just out of the frame in the lower left…  some vague reference to a John Carpenter film is what we know at this point.  And for those of you new to this madness, not the first time this device has been employed- recall the Great Dismal Swamp adventure?  The bad guys who piloted the boat that was a dead ringer for Shaw’s boat in the movie Jaws?  Well, that boat was named “BRUCE,” which happened to be the name of the mechanical shark used in the filming…

2 thoughts on “The Pelican lives!

    • I think it is a small boat pulled up on the beach, too small to use on the open ocean. Perhaps she also has a yacht waiting for her…

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