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Oh the plot thickens…

…the proof is in the pudding, or something like that…  As the camera pans back to reveal a wreck of some kind, the “Elizabeth Dane,” or so it appears… A quick peak back to the “two years ago” segment does not show that the Yacht had a name, or that there was very much wood in its construction, so who knows what this all means.


But is the Pelican real?  It almost looks like a casting of some kind…   Pelican bills are normally orange, or at least not white…


3 thoughts on “Oh the plot thickens…

  1. The full saying makes much more sense — “The proof of the pudding is in the eating.”

    Neither the yacht or the shore boat had a wood hull — a much easier thing to overlook than miles and miles of 100-watt bioluminescence.

  2. And, you have to give James Allen a bit of credit for the obscure reference to a shipwreck from an Adrienne Barbeau cult movie — en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Fog

    Of course it does not make up for the many hours of my life wasted in the cave.

  3. Thanks for your astute reference! “The Fog” was not on my radar, although “Swamp Thing” was! Another Cult Classic/ Adrienne Barbeau vehicle!

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