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A “Story,” huh?

Wow, it almost sounds credible…  C’mon Abbey come clean.  You just want to lure the Trail to an island paradise for a little extended “field work…” and now your plan is foiled because he’s already there… with his wife!!  I’m guessing that Abbey is on Kauai as well, otherwise, unless they all have sat phones, they probably wouldn’t be talking…   But what do I know…  probably a SIM card that allows for that these days…  and according to lonelyplanet.com, one need only dial 1-808 and the number and you are good to go, island to island!


OK, but now for the elephant in the room…  perspective or not, Cherry is an amazon!  She’s got to be 7 feet tall in that picture if she’s an inch.  It’s unnatural.  Like her head has been plopped onto an extraterrestrial or something…   a buff, leggy extraterrestrial, but still…

I’m starting to think that we aren’t going to find the skeletal remains of Honey and Darling though… their contribution to this whole story is the fact that they carted firewood onto the island, complete with fire ants, and within a two year time span managed to upset an entire ecosystem…


One thought on “A “Story,” huh?

  1. Three observations:

    1. And I wonder what – or who – Mark is looking at, because it ain’t Cherry. Notice that he is on the far side of her chair and he is looking straight off to our right, which means either Allen cannot draw a 3/4 view or Mark has his eye on somebody off-camera.

    2. In any event, Mark can apparently just fly anywhere he wants, any time he wants.

    3. How come Mark never tans, given the amount of time he spends out of doors (excluding caves)?

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