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Oh, Mark, Give it a Rest…

Such a scowl on your face in panel three!  But how exactly do you propose that people know when you are on vacation and when you are not?  Your entire life is devoid of schedules, responsibility, deadlines, and answering to anyone other than yourself.  That, for most people, defines “Vacation…”  And why, pray tell, do you have your phone with you and turned on?  Only to ensure that your “vacation” with Cherry will be interrupted, which is your most fervent wish anyway… rather than go on all the excursions that Cherry is contemplating as she rifles through the pamphlets!


Is it me, or does Mark look like Andy Kaufman in Panel two?  You know, the comedian that played “Latka”on the show “Taxi” from the 70’s?


One thought on “Oh, Mark, Give it a Rest…

  1. Andy Kaufman – right. But look at Cherry’s expression. She looks like she’s never seen Mark’s phone ring before. Maybe she’s gobsmacked because she removed the sim card earlier in the day, not realizing Mark carries extras.

    As for Mark’s face in panel 2: Perhaps this is how Allen draws when he doesn’t have a character model sheet to work from.

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