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Mark, you are a trusting soul…

…taking your chances that a rip tide isn’t gong to suck you out to sea, and also content in the notion that Cherry is going to be all right drinking daiquiris all by herself on the beach!  Oh, OK, I mean what could possibly happen, especially when it’s not even clear (to me at least) who is on the paddleboard.   Is that Mark?  We recently learned a lesson that just because someone is wearing a familiar swimsuit ensemble doesn’t guarantee it is who you think it is


I mean, it doesn’t even look like him…  looks like Luigi from Mario Brothers- is that a mustache??

Content08012016 close

But back to the adventure…  It is in fact Mark on the paddleboard, doing what Mark does- taking stock of his surroundings and noticing things that are off-kilter…


No “What th-” but rather a full blown, “What in the World!?” Talk about being off-kilter. With Mark’s Spidey Senses tingling, I guess we’ll have to find out tomorrow what is blowing bubbles.  My first though is whale, but that would be one source of big bubbles, not many sources of little bubbles…

hummingbird cropped

But I am sure many of you wondered what became of the Saturday edition… well turns out I was back in Adams County, WI home to my Aunt and Uncle and any number of amazing things, the least of which (left) is not the fact that Uncle Tommie, after years of trying to make the senior tour, has set his clubs aside to work on becoming a bona fide hummingbird whisperer…  Now, getting this little guy to slow his heart rate down is no mean feat, not to mention getting him to lie still long enough to get a couple of pictures off…

squirel cropped


… and not to mention the fact that our friendly Black Squirrel (common to these parts) at the Petenwell Pub has a new summer outfit- a snappy red cowboy hat!  Recall the trip from last winter, where the temperature was well below zero- the little gal had her fleece on!

Well, it’s back to reality, everyone!  Another day to give my liver a rest and look forward to tomorrow’s installment!




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