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Meanwhile, back on the tiny island…

Honey is exposing her alabaster skin to the tropical sun… good thing she has sunscreen.  At least I assume that’s what’s in the bottle next to her.  Might be flask of whiskey…    And it looks like she did bring a blanket with her- white as the sand.


But where the heck is Darling??  Did he swell up and die after being bit?  Recovering from their “From Here to Eternity” scene?

And what the heck is the “International Union for Conservation of Nature?”  And why do they need to stage a “World Conservation Congress??” And wouldn’t “World Congress” do just fine?  Wouldn’t we assume that they were going to talk about “Conservation?”   Well, what do you know… it’s a real thing… but those in the know are more apt to call it the IUCN World Conservation Congress…  and looks like it will be held in Hawaii September, 2016.  But here’s a news flash- flying everyone to Hawaii, not mention tooling around in that giant boat aren’t exactly the most sustainable activities one might imagine…

And a bit more about the IUCN and the Congress… it’s held every four years, not two (I know… picky, picky…) but the choice to have it in Hawaii in 2016 was probably not a difficult one, as the selection committee had to also consider a bid from Turkey… hmmm… Hawaii, Turkey, Hawaii, Turkey…  Tropical Paradise vs a growing center of unrest…

4 thoughts on “Meanwhile, back on the tiny island…

  1. I have to stand up for Turkey here. Last month my Silver Fox and I spent four days exploring Istanbul, leaving just three days before the airport bombing. We would tour Turkey’s beautiful, historic coastal cities long before commercial, urbanized Hawaii. Turkey also has romantic beaches.
    Don’t let the terrorists win.

  2. Yeah, those conservation and energy congresses always seem to be held in exotic places that require lots of jet travel. Haven’t they heard of VOIP or WebEx?

    In re Honey: Is that small object by the lotion bottle (how quaint) really a book or a pack of cigarettes? Looks kinda small, even for a trade paperback.

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