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Still talking, I see…

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the existential Mark… I yam what I yam…  “If I go to my watery grave, well, then, you will no longer have me to look to… or to blame for that matter…” he seems to be saying…


So, as Gabe boards the “faith train” (faith in what exactly?  a good to great outcome??)  he tries to bring Mark back from the cliffs of insanity


No, staying here is CERTAINLY not the answer, nor is staying here looking at your insipid faces an option either!  Especially that Carina… God knows when she’ll flick her tongue at me again!!

So… last we heard, James Allen was going to get us out of this subterranean paradise and on to something a bit more interesting…  I guess we’ll have to wait until Mark drowns himself (or not…)


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