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Oh… now there’s an idea!

Carina really has a death wish doesn’t she?  Let’s go underwater, see the hole in the wall where the water is escaping, (how, pray tell, with no light…) swim into it (underwater) and see where it goes, all with the current, which will make it impossible to return from whence we came when it’s clear that this move leads nowhere…


But remember!  Mark, “Full of faith” and “This strip is named for me” and “I’m James Allen’s meal-ticket” Trail hasn’t lost hope here…  and Carina I guess is rising to the bait.  So stay there, Gabe, molder and rot and become cave-food while Mark and Carina fulfill their destiny!


One thought on “Oh… now there’s an idea!

  1. Your comments remind of a WWII movie I saw a a kid – I forget the name of it – that takes place in the Philippines. A group of British? civilians are in a locked room with the Japanese literally knocking on the door. They manage to find or force an opening in the outside wall so they can squeeze through and make their escape. But one woman is to get through the hole. She bravely stays back and plugs the hole with her body to slow down the Japanese. As the civilians escape into the jungle, they can hear the woman screaming as she is bayoneted by the soldiers. I suppose that would be Gabe.

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