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Metaphor, anyone??

Yes, the water has run into a wall- a “dead end” as Gabe would put it…  sort of like this story line.  But remember kids, it’s always darkest right before the dawn… (is it, really?)

“It’s always darkest before the dawn” is like asking “How far can you run into the woods?” The answer is “half way”, because then you are no longer running into the woods (you’re running out). It is always darkest before the dawn, because the first moment it begins to get brighter, is by definition, the beginning of dawn (though it may be several hours before full daylight). Unfortunately, the aphorism doesn’t tell us how dark it will be before things turn around.


So let’s hope (or not) that this is not the literal end of the line… otherwise the water is going to fill up the cave and everyone drowns… or maybe that is the end.  Quick cut to Cherry, “I wonder why Mark hasn’t called… it’s not like him” (at least under the Allen Regime…)


One thought on “Metaphor, anyone??

  1. So day before, Mark is postulating that the roaring water sound MIGHT be that of “crashing” water. And today, Ms Frustrated pedantically confirms that it IS the sound of crashing water…crashing against a cave wall.

    It begs the question: where is all that crashing water going after it hits the wall? Wouldn’t the water have been rising and filling the cave, since it appears to have no place else to go?

    More importantly, is “SHHCHUSHCHUSH” a word? Is that the sound crashing water makes? Shouldn’t it be something like “CRAASSSHHHHH!CRAASSHH!” Or is “SHHCHUSHCHUSH” simply water language for “CRAASSSHHHHH!CRAASSHH!”?

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