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A shout-out to James Allen



And a shout out to faithful reader Terry who just offered, through comments, a link to a letter by Mr. Allen himself, in response to a Letter to the Editor of The Washington Post:

“You may have seen this already (letter to the editor of the Washington Post by James Allen, but if not, then here it is:”

…be sure to follow the link to the original letter that lambastes the current state of the strip, especially the story line…

But bravo, Jim.  I know I spend every morning with coffee in hand looking for ways to “comment” on what I refer to as “The Trailverse,” or “the Verse” for short… And I have, on balance, been fairly negative of late, with the extremely long journey to the center of the earth…  But I think I also understand how difficult it is to keep this kind of thing moving along…  I guess we wouldn’t be shouting out if we didn’t deep down care for Mark Trail and what you bring…  keep swinging- you’ll find your groove…


One thought on “A shout-out to James Allen

  1. Well, the original critic makes good points, but he can’t hold a candle to this blog’s daily digest. We are at least refreshed to hear from Allen that the cave story arc will be “ending soon.” I reckon it will be quite a surprise to see how they finally get out of a cave that must be least a mile underground at this point.

    Still, it is encouraging to see that, even today, a person can make contact with a professional comic strip artist, hang around long enough, practice, and eventually get to do the actual strip.

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