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Hair in place? Check!

While Carina is looking like a soggy rag-doll with an octopus hugging her head, Mark is still on his game, looking to be the hero!!  Certainly appears that there is enough water to to have  softened their landing, but who knows?  Might have been a rock or something in Carina’s way.  <<yawn>> It’s early on a Saturday and let’s just say that it wasn’t Mark Trail that got me out of bed this morning…  There was a day, actually, where that was sort of the case…


So Mark, step on it.. get you and your Brylcreem-ed head over and save her! Or maybe it’s Vaseline Hair Tonic??   With Viratol®!  Which is Homogenized!  Well, it’s a lock that his cell phone is now ruined…

And, oh, by the way, thanks for tuning in.  Despite record breaking tedium, there are more of you taking longer looks at this nonsense.

05282016 stats

Visitorship is climbing and it appears that people new to the Trail-verse are lingering and taking a good read!  Happy Memorial Day Weekend, all!

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