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Didn’t Mark Tell You to Wait??

Seriously, Carina…


A rock formation left undisturbed for a millennium … and you find yourself sliding down it into what?  Oblivion?  After Mark told you to “Wait…”  On the other hand, it looks like she might be sliding into second base… “Safe!”

She calls to Mark… not Gabe.  Imagine, if you will, Gabe’s back story.  Always a little short, round, clumsy, too smart for his own good.  Not popular, at least with other kids.  Hung around the lab at school, even was lab assistant during what might have been a “study hall” hour…  Made his way to the State University on scholarship, first of his family to go to college- so proud!  Continued on in his studies, earned a PhD, his dissertation on, well, of course, White Nose Syndrome in Bats.  Dedicated his life to it.  But never lost hope that he might find “the one…”  He hears his mother’s voice constantly- “Don’t lose heart… There’s someone for everyone, Principito…”  But alas, the story playing out now has been repeated so often in his life, he can’t even count how many times…


One thought on “Didn’t Mark Tell You to Wait??

  1. Hah! Hah! Hah! No wonder he’s just a silhouette. Such symbolism! Very nice, Dennis. I wonder how long it will be before they discover that radon or carbon dioxide build-up in the cave is affecting their sense of direction and purpose.

    Well, just in case: Here is my latest plot twist to save the adventure from terminal boredom:

    The trio winds going up down the along the waterfull, then continues walking in the cave. The path eventually turns out to connect to the long tunnel that Professor Challenger and Company used to escape from The Lost World (i.e. Doyle). With Gabe digging in the blue clay to find diamonds that can support his grant, Carina and Mark fight off various dinosaurs (an important link so that Allen can start focusing on prehistoric nature).

    The plot continues when the Coyote Smuggler suddenly shows up with a band of Accala people and take Mark, Carina, and Gabe prisoner. It seems, as revealed by the Coyote, that it is the Accala people that he has been illegally smuggling into the US, so he can take as much blue clay (diamonds) he can carry. But then the ape-men come and things look bad for the Accala, as our intrepid trio makes their temporary escape.

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