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Talking rocks?

That’s right boys and girls!  That makes total sense- keep heading down, not up, because we certainly don’t want to get to the surface any time soon… (Thanks, Faithful Reader Dan for “throwing the flag” yesterday…)


Poor Carina.  She’s willing to give anything a try, so long as it increases her chances of meeting with death’s sweet embrace, rapture in the hands of the cave gods…  which she now realizes is her destiny…

But wait, Carina!  Mark’s head is snapping around as if he sees something in the pale light of the cave… What is it, Mark?  Thank goodness it’s only Friday and we can find out tomorrow!!


One thought on “Talking rocks?

  1. Going down? Well, why not? All that awaits them if they ever do get out is the likelihood that their vehicles will have been stolen or destroyed, stranding them forever in the desert…until Cherry and Rusty show up in a jeep. Only room for two more in the back seat, so one of the three has to stay behind. If Cherry has finally had it with Mark, we can guess who gets to keep company with the airplane, gypsum, and underground river as the jeep and its riders roars off into the sunset and maybe a new comic strip.

    But I digress.

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