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Nice Finger!

And yes, hang on, Carina… as the vulnerable and delicate female of the troop, make sure you are within reach of the Alpha Trail…


But what’s with Gabe’s finger?  All hyper-extended and in our faces…  And how about the fact that they could probably have heard the waterfall well before they saw (again, using what for light??) the waterfall…  and yes, ladies an gentlemen, it’s another thrilling twist in the man vs. nature theme in this riveting story of what?  escape?  Karmic forces seeking balance?  Testing readers to the very end of their patience?




2 thoughts on “Nice Finger!

  1. I finally gotta throw the flag here. James Allen is asking us to suspend way too much disbelief for this lengthy story line. It is set in a cave with enough strong, evenly spread bioluminescence that you can actually see colors. Once finding the crater, no one would EVER head back into the cave before trying to climb out. If you are trying to find the surface, you should follow the water upstream, to higher ground. Don’t get me started about the robust people who have gone days without food.

    Mark Trail is so bad, reading it is one of my favorite parts of the day.

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