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Mark showing ultimate patience…

…with Gabe as he seems sincere in his desire to continue the dialogue about the impact of flowing water on the landscape…  But ‘Mr. Last Word’ Mark Trail, with a withering glance, has the final say… “Water still flows through it today!”


Meanwhile, ‘Miss I am looking for a gig with Maxim Magazine’ shows the two guys “the way.” She assumes that the water is going to run somewhere productive, rather than deeper and deeper into the Bowels of the Earth…  Mark is right behind her, but Gabe, as usual, is taking up the rear, seemingly in simian form, his silhouette faintly reminiscent of Dr. Zaius from Plant of the Apes


One thought on “Mark showing ultimate patience…

  1. In the third panel it appears that there some rogue gypsum rods standing between Mark and Carina. An interesting item that is in what seems to be a river cave. Once again, they seem to have forgotten they are running from a “coyote” trying to kill them, running from a cave that’s trying to kill them, and running from a story that is trying to kill the comic strip. Why can’t Allen restrict his patronizing lecturing to the Sunday strip?

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