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What… has she had work done in the cave??

I’m sorry, but Carina’s lips just keep getting more and more full… like she’s getting injections or something…  compared to this picture, something is really up here…

carina face

Never mind the fact that she’s been without her glasses for months now…  with no apparent impact to her ability to navigate.  Maybe they were just for show, or maybe someone told her that glasses would make her look smarter…


Anyway… back to the story, I mean lesson… Gabe tries to join the conversation- it’s not clear whether he is being snarky or desperate when he offers up his example- as in “Yea, real interesting, you two… what about the Grand Canyon?” As if to top Mark and his little “Obie Falls”  reference… I mean, who the hell has ever heard of “Obie Falls?” Especially since it is found on one of the largest private domains in the lower 48… remember Lost Forest is a “Private Nature Reserve,” either passed down to or accumulated by the Davis Family, now under the stewardship of one “Doc” Davis, soon to be inherited by daughter Cherry, wife to Mark.  Mark’s no dummy… he knows that decades of writing articles for a magazine won’t land him in the tall clover… he needs a meal ticket…


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