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Clip-art Saturday

Those are terribly familiar faces in panels 1 and 2, but what the heck is happening to Carina in panel three?  It looks like she’s just bitten down on a lime… I feel like I am trapped in a PBS animated kids show about nature- let’s verbalize every dumb question- and yes, boys and girls, there is such a thing… just to make sure that everyone is staying in step with the”story.”  And I did mean to put “quotes” around the word “story…”


At least the color team hasn’t run out of Gabe’s-shirt blue, Carina’s-top green or Mark Trail Khaki…


One thought on “Clip-art Saturday

  1. Good note! And to carry the PBC cartoon imagery a bit further, Allen should have drawn Carina looking out at us and mouthing “Right, Mark! Now which way should we go, readers? Along the current or against the current……..?”

    Otherwise, I think my idea for a Colorforms Mark Trail is getting more valid all the time.

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