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As Gabe falls back into the shadows again…

…Mark and Carina are making hay? Discoveries??  Like Cooling Temps?  And Flowing water…  what on earth (or in a cave system) could that mean??


It might mean that there’s another reason to hope that they might be able to find a way out… but out to where?  The middle of nowhere without any form of transportation.  One thing we know is that they have kept moving away from where they had been- no secret/hidden beach or crashed airplane (again, what was the point of all that??) to confuse them.

So maybe their next move is to lay Gabe on his back, (neutral buoyancy) climb aboard, and see where the current takes them…


One thought on “As Gabe falls back into the shadows again…

  1. For a couple of professional cave/bat explorers, Carina and Gabe always seem to come up short in the information department; they act as if this was their first venture into a cave. Carina seems surprised (or dismayed) that it is getting colder and it is up to good ol’ Mark, Master of All Things Natural, to fill in her Information Gap. On the other hand, maybe she is making another play for Mark and pointing out the cold, because we know what cold does to the female breast, right?

    Moving on, there is something of a beach in the last panel, which is quite amazing for a cave, I think. This is at least the second time they’ve seen water. Perhaps this is a littoral cave? Perhaps they have found an entrance to the River Styx, the border between the land of the living and the ancient Greek Underworld. Well, they are traveling further down in the cave, right? Perhaps Charon will come floating up on his boat in the next sequence. Or Jefe with his assault rifle. The drama is palpable.

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