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It’s like a movie storyboard…

It just occurred to me that the approach here is not unlike a storyboard for a movie– where countless drawings envision every detail in order to get timing and scenes just right!  So as we are being asked to wade through these scenes, second by second, we can imagine this all being done to create a full length feature staring Mark Trail!  Casting, though… casting is key…  Who would take on the challenge of playing Mark Trail in the flesh?  Ben Affleck?  Fresh off his “Batman v. Superman” experience, this would seem like a natural…  Like Mark, Ben seems to be perpetually 30 years old, even though he’s half way through his 40’s…


Well good lord, Gabe, don’t stop running!!  Just to watch the column come down on top of you??  Oh dear, what’s to become of Ol’ Gabe?   Monday can’t come soon enough…


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