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Gabe? Gabe who??

Oh Carina, you aren’t the first girl to fall for The Trail…  and you won’t be the last.  As you stand in the passageway, faintly reminiscent of… oh dear readers, you fill in the blank… and as you cop a Trail-feel in panel two, Mark is oblivious to your advances…And what’s with the  hooked arm and clenched fist?  Odd posturing, there Mark…


Gabe, what is your deal- OK I get it, you saw yourself with Carina when this all started, and now that you have invited your “Old Friend” Mark Trail to write an article, a cheap ploy to help you maintain your grant,  he really has horned in and ruined your plans…  so now you are content to be buried alive, martyred on the alter of unrequited affections?  Is there anything more sad than someone who will not save himself?  Is desperation the most difficult thing to witness?  Maybe the ol’ ticker just gave out… too much stress and excitement for one who appears to have gone to the buffet for seconds too many times…


One thought on “Gabe? Gabe who??

  1. You are probably right, Dennis, but I can’t help but wonder why Carina is so concerned NOW, instead of when Mark was lying on the cave floor under that large(?) gypsum pillar as she ran off to let Gabe do the heavy lifting. And how ever did Gabe get left behind once again, when he and Mark were side by side just a few panels ago? We look to you, as always, for guidance. We are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike…

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